[Homeroast] Coffee and milk

michael kaericher mike_kae at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 10 13:13:06 CDT 2010

I just tried this at 1.5 oz heavy whipping cream + 2.5 oz triple pull.  Wow what a drink.  Looks fabulous too.  Like the coffee and cream are fighting their inevitable perfect union.

--- On Fri, 10/8/10, miKe mcKoffee <mcKona at comcast.net> wrote:

Want to try something really decadant Bryan & I discovered about 1am this
morning? (It was Bry's idea my execution, towards the tail end of a Compass
Coffee new starting this last weekend "central bakery division" session
which now supplies our 3 coffeehouses from the Roastery location) Pour
approx' one ounce cold heaving whipping cream into 3oz macchiato demi, pull
double shot directly on top of cream. Do not stir, consume immediately. The
hot extreme of the bean floating atop the cold extreme of the cow in an
unusual and quite surprisingly remarkable way. I drank mine in my usual
straight shot method one sip, two sip, down and gone while Bry in one and
done. Not sure what to call it yet but it might be illegal in most States.
No it won't be replacing my primary straight shot coffee beverage, but it
will join my repertory.


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