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Oops, I just realized I dislexed my fractions - that's 40% organic skim milk
/ 60% triple-shot, but that's still too much lactose for most :-).

Mary, those Skinny Cow bars are so good I'm sure they're lying about the
nutritional facts ...



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To each their own. Culinary arts of all forms is about flavor and balance.
Generally speaking the higher the quality and more natural the ingredients
the better the "possible" flavors. A huge part of the art is flavor balance.
Whole milk is basically "all of the milk" (with a constant butter fat
averaged rather than varying as it really does in nature) in a modern
pasteurized "you don't have to shake the milk to mix in the cream floating
on top" kind of way. Skim milk is the watery portion left when all of the
cream is skimmed off the top, just a portion of what nature intended as it
left the udder. It has little flavor and hence works poorly in most culinary

I don't drink lattes of any size because to my palate they are out of
balance with milk eclipsing the coffee too much. They're more a steamed milk
beverage flavored with espresso not espresso enhanced with milk. Same can be
said for most people's renditions of an au-lait, too much milk to coffee. On
the other hand a well made cappuccino is a beverage in "harmonious balance
of espresso, steamed and micro-foamed milk". Yet even a cappuccino is a
relatively rare beverage of consumption for me, maybe one or two a week,
usually preferring the totally unadulterate form of the "bean" in it's
various brewed forms. Yet there are many ways to prepare and consume most
primary ingredients be it coffee or whatever. Is there only one way to
prepare an egg or a cut of beef?

Want to try something really decadant Bryan & I discovered about 1am this
morning? (It was Bry's idea my execution, towards the tail end of a Compass
Coffee new starting this last weekend "central bakery division" session
which now supplies our 3 coffeehouses from the Roastery location) Pour
approx' one ounce cold heaving whipping cream into 3oz macchiato demi, pull
double shot directly on top of cream. Do not stir, consume immediately. The
hot extreme of the bean floating atop the cold extreme of the cow in an
unusual and quite surprisingly remarkable way. I drank mine in my usual
straight shot method one sip, two sip, down and gone while Bry in one and
done. Not sure what to call it yet but it might be illegal in most States.
No it won't be replacing my primary straight shot coffee beverage, but it
will join my repertory.

Indeed you can mix more skim milk with coffee brewed any form and have the
milk have less impact on the flavor of the resulting beverage. Of course,
skim milk has little flavor to begin with. But IMO the flavor quality of
whatever the beverage being made would be superior if using less milk with
more flavor in balance. Why America has such a penchant for huge oversized
beverages is beyond me. Drink less, taste and enjoy it more.

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