[Homeroast] Coffee and milk

Tom Ulmer tom at transtate.us
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Adding a few drops of heavy cream is complimentary magic to coffee in my
opinion... of course there is nothing thin and watery about its preparation
in my kitchen. Well-iced, low-fat cow milk is reserved for chasing cookies
or cereal. 

The market for pulp-free juice escapes me as well. 

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Recognizing the prospect of starting a few arguments, I'd like to
promote my view that for those who want milk in their coffee, skim
milk (rather than whole) allows maximum enjoyment of the subtle
flavors of good coffee, brewed or expressed.

Full disclosure:  I enjoy two distinct beverages (and at least one
dessert) containing coffee.  (1) There's coffee -- coffee coffee; I'd
no sooner put cow juice in that little after-dinner cup than try to
persuade Tom to lactify the cups he cups when deciding what he'll sell
us this winter.  (2) And there's cafe-au-lait, which is a superior way
to start the day, whether the accompanying solid is a croissant,
danish, bacon-and-eggs, or burra huzzri.

If in whatever circumstances you like your java "white," I urge you to
consider seriously whether skim milk rather than whole doesn't provide
a better coffee experience.  If you are addicted to the richer stuff
(Mother and Grandmother, MTRIP, both enhanced their morning pitcher
with light cream), you're welcome to continue, but in my view, you pay
a price in coffee flavor.--

Wondering about that dessert?  It's a stem of ice-cold coffee with a
dollop of sweetened-condensed milk -- which I first experienced at the
end of a summer meal and am occasionally tempted to reproduce.  Yes,
IMHO it's better with the fat-free stuff.

Contra muros, mater rubicolla

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