[Homeroast] Best resting time for espresso

Derek Bradford derekbradford at gmail.com
Wed Oct 6 15:03:26 CDT 2010

Since, ultimately, the deciding factor is how the espresso tastes, and since
taste is so subjective, I don't think there could be a non-human-biased
answer to the question.  Given the myriad of variables that impact the beans
as they journey from immediately roasted to demitasse, I can't imagine how
one could derive a scientific answer to when something tastes 'best'.

Beyond a couple extremes at either end of the rest time continuum, there
really is no 'best' resting time.


On Tue, Oct 5, 2010 at 1:08 PM, Rubens Gardelli <rubens.gardelli at yahoo.it>wrote:

> Hello, I'm an Italian newbe micro-roaster and barista as well.
> My question is simple: what is the "best" resting time after roasting a
> coffee for espresso shots?
> Here in Italy there are certifications of quality that requires roasters to
> proper rest their coffee for at least 7 days, while I read a lot of
> material
> about the peak of flavour being after 24 hours, then slowly descending.
> Someone says 3 days, some other says 7 days during the winter, someone says
> it depends on humidity and room temperature where the coffe is going to
> rest, someone says it depends on the season....
> Is there a scientific non-human biased answer to this question?
> Thanks.
> Rubens Gardelli

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