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Yakster yakster at gmail.com
Tue Oct 5 09:50:27 CDT 2010

Ah, the traveling setup, always a great topic.  In the past I've used the
AeroPress as the base of my setup because of it's small size.  I don't take
the funnel along, but rather use it to fill my jars with beans and other
handy uses.  I hadn't thought of using it to press into a smaller cup, I've
got a stainless steel tea cup that it would work well for, and I can use my
immersion heater in the tea cup to heat the water.

A hand-grinder seems ideal to pair with a traveling setup.  I use a small
Kyocera grinder and the small grinds cup is the right size to pour into the
AeroPress without the funnel, and even small enough to pour grounds into the
45 mm basket of my La Peppina.

I recently picked up a second-hand MyPressi Twist portable espresso maker
that I originally planned to use just at work.  It's been out-performing my
PID La Peppina, much to my Chagrin, and has been splitting it's time between
being at home and at work.  I figure that it'll travel on car trips and
maybe some trips by air as long as I can arrange to pick up the gas
cartridges at the destination.

I have used the CCD on trips, down to my parents house when size is not so
much of an issue.  It depends on the need and the kit.  When I go over to my
In-Laws here in town, I have the largest kit of all, a large wicker basket
in which I throw an electric grinder, two large stainless steel press pots,
coffees, timers, an electric kettle I picked up at thrift store, etc so that
I can do coffee service.  They use Perc Pot and Decaf, so it's
self-preservation, but I bring the two press pots so that I can make regular
and decaf.  No one is complaining when I bring my kit along.

If I go to stay at my Folks in Southern California, the kit is smaller
because there's less room in the car.  A CCD or Two and some coffee and I'll
clean out my dad's grinder with rice when I get there.  Now I'll probably
pack my MyPressi Twist and the Kyocera as well for espresso shots, I haven't
found a good coffee shop near them that's worth the trip yet.

Still, the AeroPress is nice and small, and I picked up a small case
designed for the Wii remote controls that I fit in my coffee scoops, coffee
stirrer and other implements that is designed for travel.  There's a grinder
similar to the Kyocera, the Porlex with a stainless steel body, that's
reported to be able to slip inside the body of the AeroPress.  That wasn't
available here when I started my kit, but I've been happy with the quality
of the Kyocera's grinds.

Perhaps the largest kit of all was when I went to a gentleman's party with
my old DeLonghi pump espresso toy and my Syphon pot for coffee service.  It
was a night of gourmet foods and fine liquor and the syphon and espresso was
my contribution.  Not sure of the wisdom of mixing that much caffeine and
drink, I couldn't get to sleep until probably four in the morning, but it
was a fun time and I did find a few coffee and espresso fans to have some
very entertaining discussions with.

For camping, I'll throw the body of a very large perc pot on the fire to
heat the water that I'll use with the AeroPress or CCD, or in the future the
MyPressi Twist.  It's a good source of hot water available when you want to
make the coffee.

I just got back from two weeks in Milan with no travel setup.  Next time
I'll be bringing some home-roast and a way to prepare it.


On Tue, Oct 5, 2010 at 3:18 AM, Hank Perkins <hankperkins at gmail.com> wrote:

> I am traveling with my aeropress this week...
> Thanks,
> Hank

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