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Hank Perkins hankperkins at gmail.com
Tue Oct 5 05:18:11 CDT 2010

I am traveling with my aeropress this week.  Initially I had spotty results with the aeropress but after reading several positive reviews I decided to start carrying the aeropress when I travel. I brought the press, the scoop, the funnel, a whirly bird grinder, a frothing pitcher, a immersion water heater and a pound of Kona. After 4 cups I am learning to love this thing. The funnel is a waste. The pitcher is great for heating water with the immersion heater. I am using the scoop handle as a stirrer. The Kona has been a good coffee to dial in the press because it is so forgiving. I wish I could find a smaller grinder and a 2 cup electric tea kettle would make this setup perfect.   I have the small Harco grinder but have found it to be a PITA to use. I may be re energized to pull it back out and work with it again. I have some Tom Bhin mesh packing bags I use in my suitcase and all of the coffee stuff fit nicely into one bag. And if the ziplock with the coffee beans pops the beans will stay in the bag. 

Any suggestions on the tea kettle?  Heating water in the frothing pitcher is really easy and potentially less messy than heating the water in a coffee cup. But if I could combine these 2 into one it may be more convenient.   Also, if anyone has any tips on the Harco grinder I would love to hear the comments. Thanks in advance. 



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