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Tue Oct 5 02:30:41 CDT 2010

"How about some seriously helpful suggestions, rather than sharp-shooting?
We could use your competence, and don't really benefit from bravado."

   1. Everything I've ever done started with never having seen or done it
   before so I have to open a new file and file some new notes in the vacuum
   above the shoulders.
   2. I can't start solving problems with the application of random answers
   and formulas  as suggested. It's hard to understand and define a problem if
   you already know the answer. You can't discover or remember anything of
   value by just asking for answers, not questions.
   3. Question everything, not just "what button do I push for..."  If
   someone tells you, that's the only question you'll be able to answer

Every time I tried to violate the laws of Chemistry, Math and Physics, I got
in trouble- or heard that someone else did so themselves. Then my name might
be called- "Hey, Ray, can you come bail us out?"

The least of my favorites were some of the locals whose shop tools consisted
of hammers and pry bars, and the shop itself resembled a Hell-Hole

"No, I can't hurry it up and fix this POS. I don't ever want to see it
again, and besides- if you don't have time now to let me study it and
prevent the pending disasters, when will you ever have time to stop
production and do it right if I miss something like the last hammer mechanic
did that worked on it?"

My only sharp shooting amounts to trouble shooting, where I identify first
causes and likely incipient failures that will only rain on my parade when
I'm 25 or 50 miles away back home. The only time I ever had to make good on
my "It will never fail" warranty, the owners, a husband and wife just looked
at each other as I booked. "You already paid me- keep me posted."

What's all this got to do with coffee? Not much, I guess. At the time, I had
already had the forgettable experience of the Melitta Aroma Roast and I did.

Cheers, Mabuhay, Iechyd da -RayO, aka Opa!

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