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Ray-O, Ray-O, Reductio-Ray-O,
With all your wonderful competence, why limit your posts to pointing out problems?
How about some seriously helpful suggestions, rather than sharp-shooting?  We could use your competence, and don't really benefit from bravado.
Happy Roasting,
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> No bean mass monitoring?
> I've been wondering how to fabricate and install a thermal measuring device
> that would Not be affected by the passing hot air that got the little orbs
> hot in the first place. Wouldn't they be on the median between the incoming
> air and exhaust air temperatures? Something is exactly that hot- I say it's
> the beans.
> You could be in the market for one of the channel amplifiers of a Leeds &
> Northrup multi-point, multi-source chart recorder that plots individual
> temperatures, the mode, the median and the mean traces. Relax, it's just
> middle-school math. No me but all three kids did it.
> Maybe you could find all this stuff on the 'Bay, but all the tubes will be
> missing. No such thing as industrial or special purpose tubes or the gas
> diodes in the current rare stocks, so Viel Glück.
> One more little thing to consider- coffee beans are thermal conductors. The
> heat you apply to the outside of a bean travels to the center of the bean
> after a while. If the roasting profile is not too radical, the interior will
> be roasted exactly the same as the exterior.
> If you have to hurry the roast to avoid "baking" the beans, you'll have to
> use some rapid temperature excursions to finish the profile trip. The
> temperature gradient across the bean would yield an unintended (or not)
> "melange" temperature distribution.
> If your roaster has a "trier," what's the effect of the time delay of the
> first beans into the cooler vs the last beans out the gate?
> Cheers, Mabuhay, Prost auf dem besten schmeckenden Tasse Kaffee -RayO, aka
> Opa!
> When seconds count, the cooler takes mere minutes.
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