[Homeroast] Back home

Yakster yakster at gmail.com
Sun Oct 3 14:45:41 CDT 2010

Well, folks, I'm back home from Italy with not much to report on the coffee
front.  I never got to Sweden, alas, and got very tired of Milanese Robusta
espresso.  Next time I AM bringing homeroast.

The trip home consisted of almost 12 hours laid over in Heathrow and 6 hours
at Ohare.  It was too late to do anything in London by the time I cleared
customs but hole up for the night in a coffee shop in terminal three with
three reservists on leave from Egypt and a former UK soldier going to
Colorado for a Ski trip.  We stayed up most of the night BSing and drinking
tasteless, scalding coffee.

In Chicago, I headed out to Intelligentsia by cab for some excellent single
origin coffee.  Finca La Maravilla Guatemalan hand poured, a very tea-like
Sidama then another Guatemalan as espresso before heading back.  The coffees
were bright and delicious, just the change from the constant hazelnut and
bitter flavors of Milano.  I also stopped for a great pulled pork sandwich
at Stella's Diner across the street.  I guess I really enjoyed Chicago,
because my checked bag decided to stay another day.

Today I'm enjoying the Bluegrass festival in Golden Gate park with my dad
and Kenyan coffee, hot this morning Me iced now.

It's food to be back.

Pecked out on my mobile phone.

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