[Homeroast] coffee cooler 2.0

kevin creason ckevinj at gmail.com
Tue Nov 30 23:19:30 CST 2010

I have my new coffee cooler 2.0 (aka coffee cooler in a can) online
and functional, two roasts under its belt. The latest was my whole two
pound bag of India Sanskriti Arabica.

It's a little slower than the the coffee cooler 1.5 but it is safer
and easier. And it is fast enough at cooling the beans.
2.0 used a brand new galvanized can, a brand new attic fan (1750 cfm)
and a brand new aluminum pot and lots of cutting and drilling.
2.0 is superior as it requires no ice and immediate wash and dry-out.
It still cools the beans from roasting within one minute and to touch
in two. And it is dedicated equipment, no possible cross contamination
of sawdust or something, even the the vacuum sucks from the beans in
1.5, not blow.

1.0 and 1.5 used used a tamale steamer with a hole in the bottom that
a giant 6HP shop vac sucked air through the beans. One hose melted so
I put ice underneath the bean tray but it was always a pain to clean
up to prevent old aspergilus niger from growing afterward.
1.0 used a grease splatter screen to keep the beans from falling
through the large holes in the tamale plate. It cooled very well but
did not allow chaff to be removed.
1.5 I riveted a mesh underneath the tamale steamer plater and
discarded the screen. 1.5 was superior for letting the chaff go into
the vacuum. The mesh kept most beans from slipping through the
otherwise too large holes in the tamale plate.
1.5 was cool enough to touch within one minute.

oops- no picture of the 1.5 change, I will have to find one or take one.

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