[Homeroast] Traditional Offering: Chemex

Lynne lynnebiz at gmail.com
Tue Nov 30 18:26:26 CST 2010

Well, I'm moving again!! Woo-hoo!! Never thought I'd say that about moving,
but this is a good move. Trading the immediate ocean, trees & coyotes (heck,
they're everywhere these days) for a bit more of the city. Will be very
close to some very cool ethnic grocery stores, most of my kids (my son & his
roommate are looking forward to coming over for my cooking - already I'm
developing fans, haha!) I'll have the space for my daughter to stay over fr
CT (here, they invented restrictions as we went along - she, my daughter,
had to stay in a motel for two nights while her father was passing away a
couple of months ago, & there's been lots of harassment that's just way too
stressful for me).

Anyway - hopefully I'm looking forward to a more positive New Year, as are
my four kids & their loved ones. Too many deaths (three humans and my old
sidekick mutt, Shiloh, part dog/part human), and we are still trying to
wrangle the legal mess for my son's girlfriend to get her son, Dylan, back
permanently - so far, she has him weekends. Some days I think we'd get
better, faster justice if our car was stolen... but I digress... as usual.

I need to lighten our moving day, since my son has a bad back - so I'm
getting rid of anything I don't need/use.

After some time using it, I finally realized I'm not thrilled with the
Chemex. It could be because of my humble whirly-blade grinder, and not the
Chemex, but I'm very happy with my other ways of making coffee - so I'm
offering my dear Homeroast family a chance to take my Chemex. I'll include
an almost full box of filters (white, I believe).

It's one of the older models, made out of the heavier glass. When I got it
(eBay), the leather strap that held the wooden 'handle' (if you can call it
a handle) was so old & dry it just fell apart when I tried to untie it, so I
substituted a cord I had around the house, which works just fine for me. It
could use some extra cleaning (I'm limited here - no dishwasher, but I'll
try to get it as clean as possible). I'll take a photo today or tomorrow &
post a link.

I also have to humbly request that the winner pay for shipping - my finances
are what I wish my waist was - slim!

If you're interested, send me your name & address by 6 pm (Eastern time)
Sunday (Dec.5). I'll put all the names in a bowl, pick out one & have it out
to you asap.


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