[Homeroast] Quest M3 on order

miKe mcKoffee mcKona at comcast.net
Tue Nov 30 18:11:24 CST 2010

Congratulations. FWIW if it was me and I wanted a tad more horse power
(heat/heat response) with the M3 I wouldn't use a heatgun, I'd simply run it
plugged into an auto-transformer (aka Variac) with voltage boost capability.
FWIW I ran two CCR HotTops for 3 months almost non-stop @132v load voltage.
Would have gone full available 20% boost (~144v) like I sometimes did with
Caffe' Rosto roasting but with CCR HT was concerned too high a voltage might
adversely affect (fry) the electonic control interface.

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> A year ago my original Hot Top died. I had rebuilt it 3 times 
> and wanted to wait for the rumored large cap Hot Top so after 
> careful consideration I ordered the Behmor. I have had a love 
> hate relationship with the Behmor, so I ordered a Quest M3 
> today. I had hoped Hot Top would come out with the larger 
> capacity version by now but I am weary of waiting. I do look 
> forward to a roaster that doesn't use filters like the Hot 
> Top. I also look forward to playing with a manual roaster 
> that I can add automation and modify as I choose. 
> For the last several years I have priced small commercial 
> roasters and sample roasters. I long for a gas fired roaster. 
> I have not looked forward to a roaster that requires a permeant 
> installation or the exhaust fan and gas line expense. In the 
> end, I just can't justify the price tag.  This option looks 
> to be a good compromise for me. 
> I really love the fact that I can roast load after load 
> without waiting for the roaster to cool. I also like the idea 
> that I can shove a heat gun down the tryer hole and increase 
> the capacity Up around 300g. 
> I am excited!!
> Thanks,
> Hank 

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