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Hi Mike, 

I also have the behmor and was curious about your comment of controlling the roaster; what would you suggest to extend the roast past 3 minutes without going too dark? I've been opening the door once 1st crack hits about every 3 to 4 sec with a 5 sec gap in between; my only issue with that is trying not to stall the roast. If you can suggest some options, I'm sure some of the folks on here, as well as myself, would greatly appreciate it. 


Mark P. Jones 

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Just about any drum roast start of 1st to end of roast less than 3min is in 
danger of being under roasted regardless the finish temp, especially one 
with poor convection like the Behmor. 

My advice? Learn to control your roaster so you can extend your finish stage 
time without going darker than desired. 

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> Has anyone been using P-2 on the Behmor with success? I have 
> made two attempts and feel like I would do better with using 
> P-1 and opening the door to slow 1st C. My last P-2 attempt 
> was 150 grams Panama Finca using 1/2 lb. C. I hit 1st. at 
> 9:52 and stopped the roast at 12:07. It seemed a little 
> under roasted to me. Any advice for a better roast. 
> Dennis 

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