[Homeroast] Thanksgiving Ramblings

michael brown disracer at msn.com
Fri Nov 26 11:48:31 CST 2010

I have also been sick. But it seems to have been a short lived (72hr) bug.  My brother and his girlfriend were in town from Denver and they suggested something i had never heard of. Hydrogen Peroxide...in my ears.  I was desperate enough to try anything...the sinus pressure was unbearable. So i tried it. At first its almost unbearable because someone is pouring a liquid in your ear, but as it starts to fizzle i could feel it working its magic on all the crud and pressure. Felt a lot better afterward and who's to say, this might have been an illness that would have lingered for weeks.  I really do believe it helped shorten the life of my cold or whatever it was.  If your in enough discomfort, i'd say try it!
Now about coffee.  My brother is a fellow enthusiast. He was enthralled with my many toys. He ended up falling in love with my most recent joy, the Aeropress and also really enjoyed the CCD.  Also pulled several shots of my standard espresso blend.He was here for the whole week so we went through three coffees i had at the house, then threw together a few haphazard blends. one was really good that i plan to work on further.Thanksgiving is always special to me. It is our family's big holiday. We never know who will be where for Christmas but it's understood we all come together then travel to my Grandparent's house in MS to feast. It was another one for the books.
I'm thankful for God's grace, my family, friends, and the many fellowships i'm involved in.Roast on friends!
Michael Bb'ham, AL

> From: lynnebiz at gmail.com
> Date: Fri, 26 Nov 2010 11:36:43 -0500
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> Subject: Re: [Homeroast] Thanksgiving Ramblings
> So sorry you are sick, esp. for a holiday, and hope you will feel better
> fast. I think renting that cabin for your family was such a cool, selfless
> thing to do!
> My holiday was nice. Nothing spectacular, but nice. It's been a year that
> would put Job to the test. A friend of thirty years, my ex-boyfriend (we
> were still friends, talked daily), my ex-husband (no contact w/me, but my
> kids connected & resolved some issues - he was abusive, so this brought up
> all sorts of conflicting feelings), and my oldest, dear side-kick, my dog
> Shiloh, all died this year. Plus I was/am being harassed by my landlord who
> I now realize thinks I'm their maid (ha - did THEY get a surprise!)
> Anyway, one of my sons just got an apt w/a friend, so we had our day over
> there. Since I had a last minute order to watch my landlord's dogs
> Thanksgiving morning, that threw a monkey wrench in my thanksgiving plans
> (was going to sleep over there the night before).
> It worked out. Was going to debone that 20 lb turkey like I did last year
> (following the instructions on video fr Julia Child & Jacque Pepin), but
> that didn't work out, so I just hacked it away. I marinated it in a gallon
> of milk and almost a liter of apple juice since Monday, plus some spices.
> Cooked it on the highest his oven would reach - 525 degrees. It cooked fast
> and was unbelievably moist and tasty. I might do it this way every year!
> Left the wings & legs along w/most of the rest for my son to eat for
> leftovers.
> Only downside was I had NO coffee - until I got home, of course. He has one
> of those stupid Senseo machines. I was even going to risk a cup, but looking
> at the open package of "dark roast" labeled pouches, I figured it wasn't
> worth getting poisoned by that, haah!!
> All in all, it was a good day. We seem to be overcoming our difficulties,
> and we were/are truly thankful for all the good we have in our family (plus,
> we at least had our little Dylan home for Thanksgiving).
> hugs to my homeroast family -
> Lynne
> On Fri, Nov 26, 2010 at 6:13 AM, Hank Perkins <hankperkins at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Actually my Thanksgiving has sucked. I am sick as a dog. But thats ok, we
> > all get sick. I will be hitting the Doc in a box in a couple of hours when
> > they open. I rented a cabin in the mountains 3 hours from here and I left my
> > family there so I wouldn't ruin their thanksgiving. They are having a great
> > time.  I didn't sleep much last night but my dog is being a trooper and
> > keeping me company.  Stopped up coughing body aches etc.
> >
> > I have been roasting for 10 years using many different roasters but when we
> > recently purchased our Giotto espresso maker it changed everything. We are
> > much more critical of the coffee now.
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
> > Hank
> >
> >
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