[Homeroast] Thanksgiving Ramblings

Hank Perkins hankperkins at gmail.com
Thu Nov 25 20:35:21 CST 2010

First, I hope everyone had a memorable Thanksgiving or a Great
Thanksgiving.  As I look back over my 52 years there are only a
handful of Thanksgivings that are memorable, mostly bad.  As I reflect
on these with my family we I laugh and laugh.  These Thanksgivings are
what make the normal Thanksgivings fun.  One thing I always reflect on
is that Thanksgiving is all about accepting the bad and celebrating
the good.

Behmor Cleaning - After being chastised here for not keeping my
roaster clean I have repented.  It really wasn't that dirty when I
started but it did need cleaning.  I have tried a variety of different
methods for cleaning and have found that a quick wipe  down with
Isopropyl  Alcohol using a paper towel.  This is very effective,
leaves no residue and pulls the coffee oils right off the inside of
the roaster.  Best part, you don't have to rinse the inside.  You can
do a dry run or just preheat it.  All the alcohol is gone once the
internal temp hits ~175 degrees.

Behmor Temperature Probe - Is nice to have, but is frustrating.  I
have limited control at adjusting the temperature (opening the door)
or even  understanding what I can learn from the probe.  One thing it
has taught me, I wonder how much roasting and how much baking of the
coffee I am really doing.  You can also see the roaster not get as hot
when it gets dirty which is a good thing.

Behmor vs. Quest  - I have about decided to go ahead and make the jump
to the Quest.  At this juncture I have little confidence I am being
all I can be with the Behmor.  I wold love to hear some opinions about
the Quest.  At first I was put off by it's small batch size until I
found out how quick it roasts and that you can roast one load after
another resulting in an hourly output as high or higher than the

Comments are welcome.



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