[Homeroast] Happy Thanksgiving

Justin Schwarz houstini at comcast.net
Thu Nov 25 00:16:53 CST 2010

Prepped a 12lb rib roast with herbs to go on the smoker 1st thing tomorrow morning.  Will be pulling jimma americanos from the bag I got from our friends MiKe and Bryan last week as well.

juiced 2lb fresh cranberries in the juicer mixed with simple syrup for a delicious fresh cranberry syrup to be used in my drink I made up tonight I call it "cranapple crush"

1oz citrus vodka
1/2oz fresh cranberry syrup
2oz apple cider
2oz sprite

quite delicious if I do say so myself.

have been working in Vancouver this week and have been blessed with the opportunity to visit the Nor'West Roastery cafe a few times this week, I wish I lived closer.  It is a realy exciting place to try multiple delicious coffees being expertly pulled, thanks guys it was fun. gave me the fuel needed for the drive home today, no need to make additional stops on the way through portland.

Happy Thanksgiving all

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