[Homeroast] Thailand green coffee

Frank Parth fparth at mac.com
Tue Nov 23 01:24:24 CST 2010

Following up on Phil's great tour, I'm at the airport in Bangkok now, waiting for my flight back to Los Angeles 
and home.

My better half and I have spent the last 10 days in Vietnam. Once a year I do some pro bono teaching at a college in 
Saigon. This year I was asked to appear on Vietnamese television on a business-related show.

When flying from Saigon to Hanoi for the taping, there was an article in the Vietnamese Airline magazine on "Weasel 
Coffee", the Vietnamese version of Kopi Luwak.  I thought it was being written up because it's so "exotic". But I was 

In walking to dinner in the old district of Hanoi one night we came across a coffee shop. Shur'  nuff, they had Weasel 
Coffee prominently displayed out front. I took a snapshot and posted it to my personal web site here: 

Thanks, but I think I'll just roast another pound of Harar when I get home tomorrow.


>  I just came back from an eco-tour of Thailand, which was a lot of fun.  In a
>  remote village, among other things they grow their own organic coffee (I saw
>  both Arabica and Robusta).  One hut has a hand-turned 5 lb. drum roaster,
>  roasting over a wood/charcoal fire.  They spoke no English and I spoke no
>  Thai, but we were still able to "talk" about roasting.  She roasts too dark
>  for my taste, and they don't seem to rest more than a day or so, but it was
>  fun.
>  I brought back a kilo of the local green coffee -- there is a large
>  variation of bean size, and I can tell there are some stones as well. 
>  It should be fun to try roasting in my Gene Café as an experiment.
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