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Mon Nov 22 20:35:29 CST 2010

Very nice post. Thank you so much for your first hand field report of the
coffee situation down below.
I know coffee roasters in AU and they have a bit of a hard time getting
coffee imported in a timely fashion that has not been damaged in transit out
at sea or....
 Many roasters in the AU prefer to roast from other growing regions than
there own country. I did not have time to ask them their opinion of some of
there own farms.

On Mon, Nov 22, 2010 at 5:25 PM, Zara Haimo <zara at haimo.net> wrote:

> I had 4 really good cups of coffee during the 2 weeks I was in Australia
> this fall/their spring.  One cup was a macchiato at Mecca in Sydney -
> outstanding small roaster and coffee house with a couple of locations in
> town.  If you're in Sydney, that's the place to go if you don't have access
> to homeroast.  Three cups were "short black" or espresso at Skybury coffee
> farm which I visited my last day there.  "Long black" is what they call an
> Americano.  One of the staff took me around the grounds - much of what I saw
> was yellow catui if I spelled that right.  They irrigate because there isn't
> much rainfall on the tablelands in northeastern Australia.  The farm is at
> 500 meters or about 1650 feet and an hour's drive from Cairns in Queensland.
>  They force simultaneous flowering and fruiting by withholding water for a
> few weeks and then resuming irrigation.  High labor costs means that picking
> is mechanized.
> I also spent a bit of time talking to the owner.  I thought the shots he
> and his staff pulled for me were excellent with a long sweet finish that
> lasted a couple of hours after I drove away, but he kept apologizing for
> only having the dregs of the past year's production left.  He said the
> European market takes all his best coffee and he sold out completely this
> year.  He expects to have a bigger and better harvest in the next year as
> the drought that has affected much of Australia for the last dozen years has
> ended.  He's also adjusting his processing techniques to bring out more of
> the sweetness and said the coming year should be his best ever.  I had
> planned to bring some greens home, but he is going to send me some of the
> new crop when it comes in this summer.
> I've posted some photos from Skybury at
> http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=244880&id=557478721&l=f779fbdd0d
> In addition to coffee, they also grow a variety of fruit including mangos,
> papayas, longons, and bananas.  Note the kangaroos and wallabees grazing on
> the grass at dusk.
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