[Homeroast] bodum santos replacement gasket?

Mike Koenig koenig.mike at gmail.com
Mon Nov 22 15:15:36 CST 2010

I'm a bit late to this topic,  but you might be able to use a rubber
stopper, if you can bore the right size hole in it.

Just BE CAREFUL (!!!) inserting the stem into the stopper (or the
replacement gasket if you get one).  I once ended up getting a good view of
the inside of my hand, followed by a number of stiches, when I was being
careless inserting some glass tubing into a rubber stopper.


On Sun, Nov 7, 2010 at 9:41 PM, Benjamin Morgan
<morgan.benjamin at gmail.com>wrote:

> hey everyone,
> I'm a long time lurker on this list :) I'm wondering if anyone knows how to
> get a replacement rubber gasket for the bodum santos stovetop pot? the
> rubber seal is no longer sealing. i can hear air hissing through it, and
> draw-down times are up to 5 minutes. I thought the gasket might be hard
> (it's about 7 years old), so I boiled it (didn't work), and, per a
> suggestion from the interweb, soaked it in WD-40 (didn't work and now it
> reeks of wd-40). It's kind of sad to have to buy a whole new setup just to
> replace that one part....
> thanks
> benjamin
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