[Homeroast] Best brewing methods for addressing high LDL cholesterol

Phil Palmintere phil.palmintere at gmail.com
Mon Nov 22 10:34:57 CST 2010

Or... maybe just drink your coffee with a Lipitor chaser in the morning &
Niaspan at night.  Maybe add in a kicker of Lovaza.

Other thing to consider, in all seriousness, for anyone with elevated LDL
with other CHD risk factors:  get your Dr to order a blood test from
http://www.bhlinc.com/.  My cardiologist explained it this way: elevated LDL
by itself is a fairly crude measure.  It turns out that LDL cholesterol
particles come in various sizes and densities and shapes, and some are not
that bad while others are really awful.  You have your blood drawn locally,
they send it to the testing lab above a patent protected test, I'm told, so
others can't do it.  It is pricey.

See http://www.bhlinc.com/pati_results.php .

Anyway, long story short, I took it and I'm glad I did, as 

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> I have reviewed messages and literature on the connection between french
> press preparation and elevated ldl cholesterol levels.  What alternative
> brewing methods/systems are recommended in order to best avoid such
> cholesterol raising worries?
> thanks,
> Matt
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