[Homeroast] BBQ drum roasting, Thoughts on adding convection

Tom Ulmer tom at transtate.us
Sun Nov 21 09:37:46 CST 2010

I roast using a solid drum as well. The heat in my method comes from a
portable propane grill which is modified to solely roast coffee. The lid
allows for air flow which comes from a tabletop fan focused at the unit.
Additionally the fan works quite well to slam on the brakes if necessary.
Granted this is not very elegant and you have a bit of a chaff and smoke
windstorm but it is extremely functional.

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Subject: [Homeroast] BBQ drum roasting, Thoughts on adding convection

I have come to the conclusion that I need to add some convection to my drum
which is solid stainless and open ended.  I have been doing a lot of furnace
change-outs lately for the heating company I work for.  Some of the old
furnaces have draft inducer blowers that could handle the amount of heat
from roasting exhaust.  

I was wondering if anyone has used any type of blower to create convection
in a BBQ drum and found a great conversation in the archives from some long
time listers, I must say that I felt a bit nostalgic reading a thread with
commentary from: Oaxaca Charlie, Jim Gundlach, Ed Needham, Alchemist John,
Les, Ron Kyle and a few other familiar names. It was a great read about this
subject and can be found here http://themeyers.org/HomeRoast/Topic16040.htm
Those were the days, we were all a little more active on here and there was
no way I could keep up with all of the topics back then.

If anyone has further thoughts about convection in a BBQ drum I would
appreciate the input. I am having serious upgrade-itis with my roaster, some
of my roasts are either flat or way too dark.  very hard to slam on the
brakes at the beginning of 1st using flame control alone.

Happy roasting,

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