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Hi Michael,

I do both the brew, Technivorm and espresso and my grinder I use is a Rocky.  It isn't stepless and I can easily tweak back and forth between 5-9 for espresso and 13-14 for drip and I do go back and forth, when I make coffee to take to work for my night shift and a couple of tasty espresso shots before my two hour drive to work.  


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On Nov 19, 2010 11:23, Michael Wade <mlwade at pacbell.net> wrote: 

Chris, what grinder are you using now that produces less fines?  Anybody 

else?  Seems like this topic always gets dominated by the "Dark Side" 

espresso guys.  I'm interested in a good, no, make that excellent grinder 

for brewing.

 I changed my brewing to the shortest cycle I know of,  the Aeropress, to 

compensate for the overextraction of fines in other, longer cycle brew 

methods, but I'd like to get a better grinder FOR BREW, and try other 

methods again.

Michael Wade

Milpitas, CA

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> Looks like there's a whole French Press and Cholesterol thread on CG.  The

> message I remember reading from Alan is here:


> http://www.coffeegeek.com/forums/coffee/machines/203453#203453


> I use mostly paper filters not because of worries about cafestol and 

> kahweol

> but because my previous grinder was so bad with fines that French Press 

> was

> not an option.  I also drink espresso, which does not filter out these

> lipids.  I have heard of some folks filtering their espresso shots through

> paper, but I'm afraid I'm going to wait for doctor's orders before

> considering this.


> -Chris


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