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stan bob stanbob10 at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 11 12:39:30 CST 2010

Coming out of lurk mode:
My result doing this are similar...The thermocouple just behind and above the 
clip  on the left  side of the roaster measures not much higher than 300 degrees 
F. I usually roast 12 oz of beans.  My laser temp probe  at end of roast is 
usually registering around 400 degrees at the end of a city plus roast.

I assume the air temp never gets to high because the beans are being roasted 
primarily by radiant heat and the bean temp measurement is measuring the surface 
temp and not the bean mass.

I just use the info as a gauge or comparison to previous roasts.  I have tried 
to use the air temp to gauge how long I open the door to drop the temp when I do 
that.  Truthfully, it's not so good an indicator as it doesn't seem to change 
much.  When I open the door and  see it drop I know it's probably time to shut 
the door again.  Though the reading are pretty inconsistent.

So I'm pretty curious about this as well?

Las Vegas, NV


Now I am confused, not that this would be the first time.  I have completely 
cleaned the inside of my Behmor. I then mounted a thermocouple just behind the 
clip the bean drum rides in on the left side of the roaster.  It never measured 
higher than 270 degrees F. I was roasting 13 oz of Guatemalan. I used a 1:45 
preheat without the beans. Roaster measured up to 178 before I cut it off. The 
beans roasted as well as I have been able to achieve with the Behmor. My laser 
temp probe registered 380 when I cracked the door and pointed the laser at the 
beans.  Can someone explain the difference in the two temps? 

Is this normal?
Is my temp probe faulty?how can I use this data? 


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