[Homeroast] variac basics

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Sat Nov 13 00:15:32 CST 2010

After a good number of years I today tried roasting with an air popper once again.  I came across a 1250 Watt Proctor Silex one that was left in a rental property and couldn't resist the temptation of trying it.  I was amazed at how quickly it heated up and how powerfully it kept the beans --86 gramms, same thing I used in my I-roast--  swirling around and ultimately how evenly it roasted.  

is it overkill to use a vaciac with this kind of roaster?  if it is not, can someone tell me about vaciacs; I have the scantest knowledge of what they are (I was just reading a bit online).  I take it that if I were to buy one i should get one that plugs into a whall outlet and that has an outlet into which I plug the popper.  Then there is typically a dial that you turn in order to set and  control the wattage of the popper and that by doing this you can carefully control the heat.  I assume that after using the popper enough you will become accustomed to what point on the control keeps the popper at a given temperature.  Is all fo this correct?

Tne next question is what the capacity should be for a variac that will control a 1250 w device.  if i understood correctly I would divide 1250 by 84.5, which suggests a 15 AMP variac.  But that seems like a lot doesn't it?  

Then the next question, if it is permitted in this forum; where do you purchase a variac?

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