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> Any feedback and suggestions would be appreciated.  Thanks.

17 minutes not unreasonable for a HG roast, depending on other variables.
How long from 1st crack to end of roast? You want to keep the time from start of 1st to EOR under 5 minutes.

I do heat gun roasts (up to a pound) in a wire fry basket, nestled inside a metal rice cooker pot. It makes a relatively snug fit around the rim, with room between the basket and the walls of the pot.  I agitate the beans by shaking the basket (it has a long handle).

I don't keep my heat as high as I can when I'm roasting. Slow and steady wins the race.
I do tend to hit 1st crack anywhere from 9 to 12 minutes when doing HG roasts, with a 3-4 minute warm up period on low. My EOR, consequently, is usually around 14-17 minutes (I don't always go 5 minutes from 1st, depending on target roast level, and other variables).

The darkness of the roast is also determined by how fast I do my warm up and how hard I hit the heat prior to 1st crack. Hitting 1st crack nice and easy will keep a slow roast going longer; hitting 1st crack hard and heavy will race the roast forward towards 2nd much faster. Development of the coffee between the warm up and 1st crack is important.

I would suggest either figuring out a similar setup, or switch to a solid pan; I use the fry basket because that's how I started once upon a time.  I actually started roasting with a popper, and I would dump the beans into the fry basket and shake it over a fan to cool. When I started HG roasting, I switched to roasting in the basket and could go from roasting to cooling without dumping the beans; only recently have I moved up to roasting a full pound in the fry basket, and THAT is too much too cool this way. I now transfer the beans to a dedicated cooler which sucks air rapidly through the beans.

You should avoid anything coated in teflon, btw, since roasting temperatures will not only damage the teflon, but will release toxic gases.

Good luck, and keep us posted!

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