[Homeroast] Suggestions for Next Order

Yakster yakster at gmail.com
Tue Nov 9 19:50:51 CST 2010

Just placed my order today, picking somewhat at random and trying new
things, with one old standard (last on the list).

Burundi Kayanza Bwayi
Sumatra Blue Batak Tarbarita Peaberry
Papua New Guinea Wahgi Peaberry
El Salvador Matalapa -Tablon El Amate
Brazil Joao de Campos Yellow Catuai
Sweet Maria's Moka Kadir Blend

Hope it's a good, varied selection.  I went back and broke down the roasting
ranges recommended for these beans and found the following.

Wide Range (City+ to Vienna):  Blue Batak and El Salvador Matalapa

Medium Range (City+ to FC+):  PNG and Brazil Joao de Campos

Narrow Range:  Burundi (City/City+) and Moka Kadir (FC+ and up)


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