[Homeroast] Alp overheated and shut down

Michael Dhabolt michael.dhabolt at gmail.com
Tue Nov 9 19:34:49 CST 2010


Any of the electronics parts houses should be able to provide the
replacement fuse you are looking for.  The Digikey link from Paul
should work for you.  Several years ago I found the thermal fuse
(probably a little different #) at a local Radio Shack.  A thorough
cleaning of the air flow path around the thermal fuse on a regular
basis (Semi-Annually maybe?) is a good idea - - dis-assembling the
machine to that level isn't all that difficult, now that you've done
it once.  This fuse is the classic cause of defunct Alps.

It's a good move, finding some of Craig's info., he is the Guru for
these machines.  There is quite a bit of info on Alp's in the Coffee
Geek archives and several other places, most of the good stuff came
from Craig.  IIRC there are a couple of circuit board mods from his
info that work out well.

The other question: Yes you can just wire around this fuse to check
out the machine .... definitely not recommended for other than
diagnostic testing, ideally with power from a short extension
including a GFI breaker.

Mike (just plain)

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