[Homeroast] GCQRI ???

Edward Bourgeois edbourgeois at gmail.com
Mon Nov 8 13:13:37 CST 2010

More info has been added to the home site.
My concern is what will happen on the farm. I've tried to find and
read everything on this initiative. I've been involved with many
farming and related initiatives over the years. It is usually implied
that at the start "everything will be on the table" so to speak.
Sometimes they are and sometimes certain things are missing with no
recognition or explanation why. Also, I've found that the table of
possibilities are not shown equally. That for some unexplained reason
certain choices are spotlighted front and center where others are not.
This will make me question the true openness of the process and wonder
if there is some steering going on behind the scene. In the GCQRI
presentations graphics shown online there are pictures of what I call
"bubble boy" farming with sterile environments but none of
permaculture type farm environments. There are pictures of giant plant
propagation facilities but none of more specific on farm heirloom
selection and propagation. There are pictures of preground portioned
packets etc. but none of CCDs and grinders etc. And there is no
mention of organic from what I read in the pre-designed presentations.
This would only lead me to ask "why" in a trust but verify type
This initiative will most likely be funded with a "checkoff" type
approach as has been used in other ag. commodities. Basically, a small
tax is added to the consumer. When done right, consumer will gladly
pay when they as well as others in the system will all benefit fairly.

Ed Bourgeois aka farmroast
Amherst MA.

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