[Homeroast] Alp overheated and shut down

Paul Goelz pgoelz at comcast.net
Mon Nov 8 05:27:38 CST 2010

At 12:05 AM 11/8/2010, you wrote:
>I hate to suggest that a machine that works well for 10 years is a toy- so I
>won't. Instead I ask- "How much more do you want from it?"

Let me chime in here by saying that those of us who have had an Alp 
for that length of time didn't have the current variety of roasters 
to choose from when we bought it.  As I recall, the Alp was the first 
home sized drum roaster that could do a half pound per roast.

Mine has served me very well.  I am a casual roaster.  It is not a 
hobby and I don't obsess over it.  I set the roast level, press the 
button and go about my business.  I may not get the "most" out of 
each bean but what I get is very acceptable.

I'd also like to say that making a thermal fuse out of a piece of 
wire or worse, solder, is VERY dangerous if you don't know what you 
are doing.  If it melts due to an overheat, you need to think very 
carefully about what the molten pieces do and what they could short 
to.  Much better to get a real thermal fuse, properly rated, from a 
place like Digikey.


Paul Goelz
Rochester Hills, Michigan USA
pgoelz at comcast.net

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