[Homeroast] Oh no; my I-Roast I

Allon Stern allon at radioactive.org
Sun Nov 7 21:47:26 CST 2010

On Nov 7, 2010, at 1:31 AM, <msmb at suddenlink.net> <msmb at suddenlink.net> wrote:

> My poor, dear IR-I is having a problem and I wonder if anyone knows of a way to fix it. When I turn it on it sounds like your electric drill when the bushings are shot.  It pretty nearly got through a 7 minute roast with lots of noise and then smoke started to come out of it, a few beans turned oily, and I finally saw some sparks fly.  I removed the beans --not sure I can use that roast-- and tried again with nothing in it.  Same noise and inside it looked like there was a flame.  Turned it off immediately.  
> I must have the machine several years --I got it used and bought a new glass container for it-- and have probably roasted a few hundred pounds.  Sometimes I use it every day and even a few times per day (after proper cooling) if I want to roast up a pound of coffee.  I have been roasting 86 grams at a time.
> Does anyone think there is any hope.  It has been a wonderful machine!

I usually do around 150g in my IR2 (modified with PID) however I've recently started playing with 175g roasts - this is possible because of the feedback loop of the PID, and the ability to adjust the fan speed (since I've broken that out as well).

Anyway, the iRoast's fan has brushes - maybe you wore them out? Sounds like it.
When I tore apart a busted iRoast, I took the motor apart and cleaned it, as a spare. IIRC, the rotor comes out first, and the brushes spring out from compartments on the sides; you can't easily get to the brushes from the outside without damaging their housing.

Good luck! If you need a measurement on a good brush, contact me off-list


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