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Don't feel bad. I've been roasting coffee for 35+ years and I went through 50 lbs of this before I could get the roast I was looking for,with all the special flavors I'd read about in reviews. I watched it race through first crack right into second even using my usual DP Ethiopian profile that takes into account the delicate nature of the extra dryness of a whole dried coffee. I kept roasting with less and less heat as first crack approached, and beyond, but only got less overoasted FC++, then FC+, then FC-finally-the city+ roast I wanted. Mostly I was roasting 5 lb batched in my RK drum/gas grill, lowering the gas more before 1st started, then opening the grill lid a bit after 1st started, then opening the lid all the way and leaving it open as 1st started and cutting the gas until end of roast-that worked. In my Behmore it went the same way. Best roast was P1 until 1st started, then opened the door all the way-good cracking for 2 minutes hit cool.
 After a few days rest a sublime cup. Hard to compare with Misty Valley which was much easier to roast and very fruit forward in your face powerful, but very very balanced mix of fruits and more, very well liked by everyone who tried it. I wish I could get more now that I finally can roast it.


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> I’ve done quite a bit of work
> trying to get the roast right with my Hottop.
> What I have found is that Jimma runs away faster than any
> other bean I have
> roasted.  Watching my BT probe, the temperature starts
> rising fast almost
> 20° before you hear first crack.  If you don’t get
> it under control when it
> first starts its runaway it will race from 375° to 420°
> in less than a
> minute.  You won’t hear C1 until about 395° and C2
> starts around 430°.
> Getting it slowed down requires opening up the bean chute
> cover and cutting
> the power for about 30 seconds.  Once it is under
> control, it takes a normal
> level of heat to finish the roast.  I see some of this
> effect on other DP
> Ethiopians but Jimma is by far the most difficult to
> control.  There is a
> long discussion in the forum on this.
> This is my first attempt at posting on this board so I hope
> it works.  Good
> luck!
> Rick
> >I have now gotten through some roasts from my stash of
> Jimma.  I'm using a
> 335 g load in a Behmor >on P2 1lb.  P2 is my usual
> profile as it allows me
> to stretch out the gap between 1st and 2nd. 
> >Fiddling with the "bean load"
> or picking A, B, C etc. allows some fine tuning. 
> What's weird with >Jimma,
> is that 1st seems to roll right into 2nd.  I have seen
> this before with
> other coffees when >using too much heat and 1st is hit
> too energetically.
> Jimma doesn't seem to care about the >momentum going
> into first.  Whether I
> hit it hard or gently, there are still lots of outliers
> >before and after
> 1st - so many that I have a hard time hearing a defined gap
> between 1st and
> 2nd.  >Regardless, this coffee is spectacular -
> can't wait to see the
> results when I nail the roast.
> >Anyone else see this sort of behavior with Jimma?
> >Bob
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