[Homeroast] Roasting Jimma

Perkos perkos at comcast.net
Sun Nov 7 16:44:26 CST 2010

I’ve done quite a bit of work trying to get the roast right with my Hottop.
What I have found is that Jimma runs away faster than any other bean I have
roasted.  Watching my BT probe, the temperature starts rising fast almost
20° before you hear first crack.  If you don’t get it under control when it
first starts its runaway it will race from 375° to 420° in less than a
minute.  You won’t hear C1 until about 395° and C2 starts around 430°.
Getting it slowed down requires opening up the bean chute cover and cutting
the power for about 30 seconds.  Once it is under control, it takes a normal
level of heat to finish the roast.  I see some of this effect on other DP
Ethiopians but Jimma is by far the most difficult to control.  There is a
long discussion in the forum on this.

This is my first attempt at posting on this board so I hope it works.  Good


>I have now gotten through some roasts from my stash of Jimma.  I'm using a
335 g load in a Behmor >on P2 1lb.  P2 is my usual profile as it allows me
to stretch out the gap between 1st and 2nd.  >Fiddling with the "bean load"
or picking A, B, C etc. allows some fine tuning.  What's weird with >Jimma,
is that 1st seems to roll right into 2nd.  I have seen this before with
other coffees when >using too much heat and 1st is hit too energetically.
Jimma doesn't seem to care about the >momentum going into first.  Whether I
hit it hard or gently, there are still lots of outliers >before and after
1st - so many that I have a hard time hearing a defined gap between 1st and
2nd.  >Regardless, this coffee is spectacular - can't wait to see the
results when I nail the roast.

>Anyone else see this sort of behavior with Jimma?


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