[Homeroast] Suggestions for Next Order

Lynne lynnebiz at gmail.com
Sun Nov 7 16:41:48 CST 2010

I just roasted my last (estimate) half pound of caffeinated beans, and would

like some suggestions for my order (which, you can see, will be very, very

Thought I had a bit more in my mini-stash, but no worry - my financial aid
came in, so I'd say my timing was perfect! I estimated that my last order,
was twelve or fourteen pounds, half decaf, half regular greens, would last
until my money came in, and sure enough - I was right.


And another ~whew~ you guys know that I roast my beans stove-top. Well, I've
using a larger pan lately, but since this was a small amt, I went back to my
little pan,
forgetting how unstable it is on these gas burners. Sure enough, about half
way through,
I tipped it over and, yes, I spilled the beans - at least, most of them. (My
stress level
these days is over-the-top, so I'm not surprised I did this. At least I
didn't fall - again).

Yelled a loud order at my coffee chomping border collie (well,
anything-chomping, actually)
to *STAY AWAY*, and as painful as it was to bend, I managed to gather up
almost ALL the
half roasted beans (hooray - I actually had just vacuumed before I roasted,
so the floor was
relatively clean), and got them back in the pan. Was only until then that I
realized I got yet
another burn on my right hand. Hey, getting the last of my beans was more
important than
a little pain!! (Emma *did* geta fair portion, after all).

Well, the roast turned out great. Had my first cup - black - yesterday, and
it was/is delish -
Ecuador Quilanga Microlot Especial.

Now for my next order. I will most likely order a sampler, of course, but
would like
suggestions for something besides that. I don't taste the subtle nuances (my
is usually, mmm - tastes like - coffee!), except for a couple of times when
we got cherry
overtones - mmm. Deep, rich, dry processed, usually - chocolately is good,
although not
necessary. I don't have an espresso maker - currently using an old but
reliable Moka pot
that I love - but* that* was given to me by my landlord, and seeing how she
turned into the Ice
Dragon Lady, & has asked for items she previously gave me, back - including
dining chairs
right when family came to visit!...so anything is possible. No matter - I
always have a way to
make my coffee, even using an adapted 'cowboy-coffee' 'method in the past
that is really

What I am looking for (besides something that tastes great) is a green with
a fairly wide
range of roasting possibilities, since I don't have exact temperature
control. Just need some
decent homeroast to take me through the rest of 2010.

Lord, I hope next year is better for me & my family!

Sending out a great, big, virtual hug to my homeroast family!!


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