[Homeroast] Roasting Jimma

Bryan Wray bwray_thatcoffeeguy at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 7 12:08:21 CST 2010

I'm not using a Behmore, so can't speak specifically to that, but what I've found when roasting DP Ethiopians like this is the importance of a 30-45 second "stall" of sorts before actually entering first.  I'm spoiled by having air and bean probes so I know right where my temperature is at.

Generally what I try to do is "race" up to just before first crack and hold temp around 395F for about 30-45 seconds, then slam it with full/full (heat/conv) until about 412F; then turn everything off and let the temp slowly (4F/min) slide up until 420F, then do some coasting until it's where I want it; for Jimma that would be 432F.  I try to have the initial pausing happen from 10:30-11:15, with the first snaps of first happening at 11:15-11:30.

That sort of pause before first seems to help the beans sort of gather themselves and "prepare for first."  I think it helps slow down the development in the outliers and let the beans that aren't as developed "catch up."  This normally helps to structure my first crack into a more defined first, without as much "here and there" cracking.

((These profiles and temperatures are on a CCR Hottop))

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> I have now gotten through some roasts
> from my stash of Jimma.  I'm using a 335 g load in a
> Behmor on P2 1lb.  P2 is my usual profile as it allows
> me to stretch out the gap between 1st and 2nd. 
> Fiddling with the "bean load" or picking A, B, C etc. allows
> some fine tuning.  What's weird with Jimma, is that 1st
> seems to roll right into 2nd.  I have seen this before
> with other coffees when using too much heat and 1st is hit
> too energetically.  Jimma doesn't seem to care about
> the momentum going into first.  Whether I hit it hard
> or gently, there are still lots of outliers before and after
> 1st - so many that I have a hard time hearing a defined gap
> between 1st and 2nd.  Regardless, this coffee is
> spectacular - can't wait to see the results when I nail the
> roast.
> Anyone else see this sort of behavior with Jimma?
> Bob
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