[Homeroast] Alp overheated and shut down

Michael Vanecek mike at mjv.com
Sun Nov 7 11:24:24 CST 2010

Has anyone replaced this fuse before? It looks like it comes as a 
diode-looking thing so I'll need to preserve the cladding and solder and 
insert the new diode-fuse back into it. Has anyone just shorted that out 
and bypassed the fuse altogether? I know it's a fire-hazard if it 
decided to overheat - but roasts shouldn't be left unattended anyway.

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On 11/07/2010 09:00 AM, Michael Vanecek wrote:
> I need to do an ohm test to be sure - but it may be the thermal fuse. 
> I took the cover off - ten years of accumulated crud was pretty thick. 
> Vacuuming helped a lot. They should have made things a little tighter 
> in there. Anyway, no obvious damage. There's a thermal cut-off that's 
> supposed to come back on after fifteen minutes, and a thermal fuse 
> that outright fails. I'll have to replace that sucker. Craig, a then 
> Swissmar tech, from another forum (found thru Google) recommended a 
> SF152E1 fuse as a replacement - slightly higher temperature to 
> failure. Anyone know where I can find one - Google wasn't much help. 
> Everything else works so good - I could get another ten years out of 
> this roaster and still have a fresh unused backup to carry me for 
> another 20 years. That's an Alp for you - either they fail in the 
> first year (my first one did), or keep chugging away after that.
> Be well,
> Mike

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