[Homeroast] met a fellow SW fan on CL

michael brown disracer at msn.com
Sat Nov 6 09:32:23 CDT 2010

So i try to keep my eye on CraigsList for equipment and came across what looked like a good deal.He was listing a Isomac Giada Espresso Machine with several other goodies (knock box, grinder, tamp, descaler, etc) for a pretty decent price.So we met up so i could look at it and we naturally got to talking about espresso, coffees, and such.Eventually he said that he used to live in Ca and would buy from this place called Sweet Marias. I told him that i'm going to have to mention that to the SW email list i still follow. He also brought some espresso cups and saucers he was going to try and sell me.I wasn't too interested since i'm well stocked on those BUT one saucer had the SW logo on the bottom. I only had the amount of cash we had discussed before meeting, but he decided he'd throw that one saucer in just for good measure since i was such an obvious fan.So, just wanted to share that with my fellow listers. In Birmingham, AL two SW fans were introduced through CL. Thought that was too cool not to pass along.I also meant to snap a pic or two of my new toy and saucer but haven't gotten around to it. Had to order a double shot filter basket for the portafilter, it only came with a single shot basket and he had lost the double.Other than that, looks like it's gonna be a fun little machine. Oh and the very nice tamp that came with the machine, he got from SM too.Enjoy the weekend!Michael BBirmingham, AL 		 	   		  

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