[Homeroast] Heading OT: Single cup brewers

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Sat Nov 6 02:13:41 CDT 2010

Get a load of this Orchestrion, assembled and programmed by Pat Matheny.
Quite a trip- the original silent movies had a small orchestra for
accompaniment, but they had to hire and pay all the orchestra members,
depending on how much sound local society wanted or could afford.


Enterprise and ingenuity brought the Unit Orchestra typified by the
WurliTzer and other small theater pipe organ builders. Only had to pay the
organist, not a whole group. It evolved to the Orchestrion, like a small
player Rube Goldberg instrument. Like any complex machine, maintenance and
tuning can be daunting.

Rebuilding the big organ at Atlantic City, N.J., is an unknowable question.
Cool heads have already prevailed in that the "Mobile" 5-manual console,
long disconnected, has not been discarded. The DC blower motors have been
replaced with three-phase AC motors totaling over 500 hp, and it still needs
$10 million of rebuilding to approach full function and tuning of the
33,000+ pipes.

If they don't finish it all, another treasure will have become an artifact
of the Disposable Society. Just like excellent coffee, it takes
the commitment of many artists in their own right to the goal of a drink
that does not have a single definable repeatable flavor. If your coffee
definition resembles the solution to the Quadratic equation, Starbucks

Cheers, Mabuhay -RayO, aka Opa!

Push the Button, Max.

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