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No offense, but we wouldn't sell our coffee to a high volume commercial customer with untrained counter help.

We'd work with them, train them, develop palate training practices... but in the end, if they just didn't care then we just wouldn't bother.

I'm not going to bust my @$$ to roast 15 different Centrals in a 2 week span, and cup them, and brew them under different parameters, and dial them on the espresso machine with a daunting and unending number of variables if in the end I'm delivering it to the doorstep of someone that doesn't give a damn.  Especially when you factor in that a typical week is 100 hours BEFORE any of those things come into play.

The "high quality single serve solution for untrained counter help" doesn't exist.  Have them wash dishes for 2 months and tell them to pay attention to what happens on the bar.  If after a month of scrubbing they feel like coffee is still something they want to explore, then they are worth my time and can start running the register or something like that.  But if they are just in it for the shortcut, then perhaps they should turn their focus to super-auto espresso machines, beans that don't cost as much and staggering their "special of the day" to keep their customers guessing who'll be getting the freebie that afternoon ("Ooo look! Punchcards!"  Now THAT'S a loyal customer... *eyeroll*).  There's a hell of a big market out there for mediocre, but I don't want my name associated with it and I know miKe doesn't either.



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> The main thing I see as a positive with the Trifecta in particular is temperature stability.  The sealed chamber does quite a bit for it.  You think your Clever brews are tasty?  Try doing one where the temperature doesn't drop 12-16 degrees over
 the coarse of the 4 minute brewing cycle.  And that's why you don't see them "in the industry."   ;)

If you, as in Mikes company, was to supply coffee to a commercial customer looking for a high quality single serve solution for untrained counter help, the Trifecta might be perfect as you could get to supply both the coffee and the brewing parameters which could be adjusted as necessary with each delivery. Done correctly, even the counter staff at McDonalds could serve a good cup of coffee in a reasonable time frame with enough machines.  It might not be the perfect machine for you, but it might be the perfect machine for you to be in charge of to be used by the masses of uncaring counter help.


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