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Wed Nov 3 23:26:31 CDT 2010

Personally I love the marriage of art and science in a myriad of coffee
ways. And agree the Trifecta could be one of them, used similar fashion to
creating a roast profile for a certain bean and then running it automated
rather than manually adjusting gas and airflow at various stages during a
roast every single batch. (like for 22 batches yesterday) With tweaks here
and there as beans age, environment changes etc. of course. The art is
creating and adjusting/maintaining the profile, not rote manual adjustments
over and over. However, at ~$5k a pop don't see us forking out $15k for even
just one Trifecta at each location anytime soon. And since a singe brew
machine would really require more than one most locations...

Don't currently have any wholesale customers flush enough to justify that
type of single brewer either. 

Though in reality the expense could be justified, at the expense of one less
barista job. So pay Bunn, or pay a person passionate about really learning
coffee. In the long run the machine could be cheaper, but oh so impersonal.

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