[Homeroast] Single cup brewers

Edward Bourgeois edbourgeois at gmail.com
Wed Nov 3 22:50:16 CDT 2010

I'm just glad to see coffee getting better at the average. The Green
Mt. cup machines here in the Northeast are pretty big. No fuss no mess
and folks don't have to stop someplace.  It's an acceptable cup which
makes most folks happy. Espresso on the other hand still sucks at most
places. What fascinates me is there's a place in my area that serves
espresso with "everything", yes everything wrong with it. I watch
people sip on one and they don't flinch at all????? In the search for
a great cup/roast I know I'm way off the beaten path.
Ed Bourgeois aka farmroast
Amherst MA.

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