[Homeroast] Single cup brewers

Ira ira at extrasensory.com
Wed Nov 3 22:16:50 CDT 2010

At 01:31 AM 11/3/2010, you wrote:
>The main thing I see as a positive with the Trifecta in particular 
>is temperature stability.  The sealed chamber does quite a bit for 
>it.  You think your Clever brews are tasty?  Try doing one where the 
>temperature doesn't drop 12-16 degrees over the coarse of the 4 
>minute brewing cycle.  And that's why you don't see them "in the 
>industry."   ;)

If you, as in Mikes company, was to supply coffee to a commercial 
customer looking for a high quality single serve solution for 
untrained counter help, the Trifecta might be perfect as you could 
get to supply both the coffee and the brewing parameters which could 
be adjusted as necessary with each delivery. Done correctly, even the 
counter staff at McDonalds could serve a good cup of coffee in a 
reasonable time frame with enough machines.  It might not be the 
perfect machine for you, but it might be the perfect machine for you 
to be in charge of to be used by the masses of uncaring counter help.


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