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Search for Coava coffee to get a peak at the Kone, a photo-etched stainless
steel cone filter designed to be used in a Chemex.


Pecked out on my mobile phone.
On Nov 3, 2010 6:14 AM, "Tom Ulmer" <tom at transtate.us> wrote:
> Technology is sexy but automation is a business all in itself. I've been
> curious with the business of machines like the Clover and the Trifecta
> a coffee shop perspective. Does this type of machine add value to the shop
> or in some way impact the bottom line positively?
> By the way, what is the K-Cone?
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> I have countless hours in on Clover machines in lab settings, got to play
> around for probably a collective 3 hours with the Trifecta this past
> at Coffeefest and rock pour-overs all day long on whatever bar I'd happen
> be working on that day... and you know what...
> V60 all the way.  I don't know of a real barista that actually likes those
> stupid machines.  If you put time in, you can get some pretty great cups
> of a Clover or a Trifecta, but it's a hellofa lot of work to master one.
> Speaking to the "automation" part:
> Ever use a Behmor?  Ever use one of it's profiles?  Ever use a
> Hottop?  Ever use a pump driven espresso machine?  Automation is all
> the home-barista/roaster world.
> I know I'm opening a door that I probably shouldn't when I say this but...
> Man I love how people that "aren't in the industry" bash everyone that is
> if they know exactly what's going on all the time.  Comments referring to
> how people won't clammer behind a product unless it is expensive and
> automated just frustrate me.  Know what the most talked about item at
> Coffeefest was this week?  The K-Cone.  But because you aren't in the
> industry you probably have no idea what it is...  Frustrating indeed.
> Venting over.
> The main thing I see as a positive with the Trifecta in particular is
> temperature stability.  The sealed chamber does quite a bit for it.  You
> think your Clever brews are tasty?  Try doing one where the temperature
> doesn't drop 12-16 degrees over the coarse of the 4 minute brewing cycle.
>  And that's why you don't see them "in the industry."   ;)
> ... but I still hate the thing.
> -bry
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