[Homeroast] Single cup brewers

Tom Ulmer tom at transtate.us
Wed Nov 3 08:14:16 CDT 2010

Technology is sexy but automation is a business all in itself. I've been
curious with the business of machines like the Clover and the Trifecta from
a coffee shop perspective. Does this type of machine add value to the shop
or in some way impact the bottom line positively?  
By the way, what is the K-Cone?

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I have countless hours in on Clover machines in lab settings, got to play
around for probably a collective 3 hours with the Trifecta this past weekend
at Coffeefest and rock pour-overs all day long on whatever bar I'd happen to
be working on that day... and you know what...
V60 all the way.  I don't know of a real barista that actually likes those
stupid machines.  If you put time in, you can get some pretty great cups off
of a Clover or a Trifecta, but it's a hellofa lot of work to master one.
Speaking to the "automation" part:
Ever use a Behmor?  Ever use one of it's profiles?  Ever use a programmable
Hottop?  Ever use a pump driven espresso machine?  Automation is all around
the home-barista/roaster world.
I know I'm opening a door that I probably shouldn't when I say this but...
Man I love how people that "aren't in the industry" bash everyone that is as
if they know exactly what's going on all the time.  Comments referring to
how people won't clammer behind a product unless it is expensive and
automated just frustrate me.  Know what the most talked about item at
Coffeefest was this week?  The K-Cone.  But because you aren't in the
industry you probably have no idea what it is...  Frustrating indeed.
Venting over.
The main thing I see as a positive with the Trifecta in particular is
temperature stability.  The sealed chamber does quite a bit for it.  You
think your Clever brews are tasty?  Try doing one where the temperature
doesn't drop 12-16 degrees over the coarse of the 4 minute brewing cycle.
 And that's why you don't see them "in the industry."   ;)
... but I still hate the thing.


Bryan Wray

Compass Coffee


Bryan at CompassCoffeeRoasting.com

It is my hope that people realize that coffee is more than just a caffeine
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