[Homeroast] A difference of degree....

mary deem catechumenes at gmail.com
Mon Nov 1 21:07:02 CDT 2010

Allon -

I think a few degrees can make quite a difference in terms of sweetness.

I roast with a WB Poppery I and find that going above 430 - even by only 5
degrees can result in the loss of some fruit-especially in some Kenyans or
Colombian from Tolima.  In the latter case, the lost fruit is sometimes
replaced by soft chocolate notes, depending on the bean.

Conversely, some of those same coffees really blossom at a range of
425-430.  If roasted under that range, the fruit does not really come out.
In the case of Kenyans, I find that the wine notes seem to really develope
at that range.

I have not, however, tried roasting the Jimma though.  My green bean stash
is taking over the pantry so I have to roast some of it down before any more
purchases!  I am, however, enjoying all of these Jimma discussions: sounds
like this is a slightly more challenging bean to roast.  The sort that makes
one a better roaster in the end :)


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