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Mon Nov 1 19:59:29 CDT 2010

Yes, but the coffee? At the hands of supremely experienced people I 
have had too much mediocre coffee from these machines. I do 
completely agree that in the right environment they "encourage this 
behavior while allowing quite repeatable results and an ease of 
making those changes when required." And I am not judging them from a 
Starbucks installation or such... The move toward manual methods in 
general is something I find heartening, and while I am sure there is 
always another innovation in high tech brewing, you look at the 
variables the Trifecta and Clover take great expense to control, and 
you find that humans can control them quite easily.


>At 03:34 PM 11/1/2010, you wrote:
>>I will make this claim though: any manual method made by someone 
>>who has tasted the result, made an adjustment to their taste, and 
>>can repeat the steps with reasonable care will, empirically, in 
>>blind test, produce better coffee than the fanciest single serve 
>>brewer, be in Nespresso, Clover, Trifecta or whatever. Brewing is a 
>>system where human input, evaluation and adjustment cannot be 
>>adequately duplicated.
>But both the Clover and Trifecta allow and encourage this behavior 
>while allowing quite repeatable results and an ease of making those 
>changes when required.
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