[Homeroast] BBQ drum roasting

Mike Chester mchet at charter.net
Mon May 31 14:24:50 CDT 2010

When you switched to NG, did you change the orifices for the burners to the 
correct ones for natural gas.  The hole in the NG orifice is larger as NG is 
not as dense as LP gas and more is needed for the same heat.  A large 
thermal mass will make changing temps sluggish as you have found.  I don't 
use a grill roaster, but it seems that if the burners are large enough, you 
would get enough heat plus the quick response you are looking for.

Mike Chester

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> I have been having trouble with this grill ever since I switched to 
> natural gas.  I had hoped for a more consistent flame, not having to worry 
> about running out of gas or having to deal with cheap regulators freezing. 
> Unfortunately I had problems getting any sort of quick temperature change 
> with that mass of tiles below the drum.  This will make roasting in the 
> winter much easier for sure.
> When I wanted to cut heat after 1C was underway I cut the center burner 
> completely and was able to achieve 5:30 from 1C to EOR on my first roast 
> that had a pretty good bean temp momentum of 20-25 degree/minute 
> temperature rise prior to 1C.  The flame is a good 4 inches below the drum 
> and the 3 tube burners run left to right.
> -Justin
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