[Homeroast] Gene Cafe Cleaning

Frank Parth fparth at mac.com
Mon May 31 09:33:03 CDT 2010

Hi, John.

Simple Green didn't even touch the crud inside the chamber. That's why I'm looking for something more assertive.

By outflow filter I meant chaff collector (just got back from a trip to Saudi Arabia and my mind isn't back in a 
California time zone yet. Sorry). I use a ShopVac to suck out the chaff regularly, but there's still buildup that 
vacuuming didn't remove. So based on Skaling's recommendation I boiled it for awhile and that worked perfectly.


>  Hi, Frank. Ain't the Gene Cafe a grand machine?
>  Cleaning with Simple Green will work very well. If there are stubborn
>  stains, a little soaking will help.
>  What "outflow filter"? As routine maintenance, you should vacuum out your
>  chaff collector after every roast, vacuum the intake port on the bottom
>  right of the roaster. Then every 20 roasts or so, disassemble the chaff
>  collector and scrub it out.
>  Once you get the chamber cleaned out, you'll notice a difference in the
>  flavor of your fresh roasted coffee.
>  Hope this helps.
>  John
>>  >
>>  > About a year ago my GC was just not heating up properly. I contacted
>>  > Tom Skaling, and he suggested that the outflow
>>  > filter was probably clogged. He suggested boiling it in hot water to
>>  > remove all the gunk that accumulates in there. It
>>  > worked perfectly.
>>  >
>>  > Now I'm wondering about the chamber itself. It's gotten pretty gunked
>>  > up over the hundreds of pounds of coffee I've
>>  > roasted, and simple cleaning won't work.
>>  >
>>  > Since it's heat resistant glass (Pyrex?), plastic, and a couple of
>>  > screws, would it hurt to boil it also? Would that
>>  > remove the brown crud on the inside?
>>  >
>>  > Frank Parth
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