[Homeroast] Gene Cafe Cleaning

John A C Despres johndespres at gmail.com
Mon May 31 05:02:12 CDT 2010

Hi, Frank. Ain't the Gene Cafe a grand machine?

Cleaning with Simple Green will work very well. If there are stubborn
stains, a little soaking will help.

What "outflow filter"? As routine maintenance, you should vacuum out your
chaff collector after every roast, vacuum the intake port on the bottom
right of the roaster. Then every 20 roasts or so, disassemble the chaff
collector and scrub it out.

Once you get the chamber cleaned out, you'll notice a difference in the
flavor of your fresh roasted coffee.

Hope this helps.


> >
> > About a year ago my GC was just not heating up properly. I contacted
> > Tom Skaling, and he suggested that the outflow
> > filter was probably clogged. He suggested boiling it in hot water to
> > remove all the gunk that accumulates in there. It
> > worked perfectly.
> >
> > Now I'm wondering about the chamber itself. It's gotten pretty gunked
> > up over the hundreds of pounds of coffee I've
> > roasted, and simple cleaning won't work.
> >
> > Since it's heat resistant glass (Pyrex?), plastic, and a couple of
> > screws, would it hurt to boil it also? Would that
> > remove the brown crud on the inside?
> >
> > Frank Parth

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