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I've experimented over the years with different buffers between the direct 
flame and the beans in a perforated drum.  What I've discovered is that the 
direct flame still roasts coffee well, as long as the drum agitation is 
adequate.  The end result is not as good as with a buffer to shield the 
direct flame from the beans.  I usually roast an 8 lb roast, and with 
ceramic perforated tiles covering the whole flame area, the roast is too 
slow.  I now use the perfed ceramic tiles only directly under the roasting 
drum, with plenty of space around the perimeter for the heat to rise.  Using 
a cookie sheet as a buffer did not work. The roast result was dismal.
Ed Needham
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>I have always had heat tiles in my bbq, I used them when I had a perforated 
>drum and they stayed in when I built the solid drum.  Today I took them out 
>and put some shiny stainless steel below the burners to reflect some 
>radiant heat upwards and close off the holes in the bottom of the grill.  I 
>did 2 roasts today and I was able to get better response from the burners 
>without those tiles in the way.  Much better profile control on the solid 
>drum.  I just finished initial cupping and I am happy with where things are 
>going now.
> -Justin
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