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I have always had heat tiles in my bbq, I used them when I had a perforated drum and they stayed in when I built the solid drum.  Today I took them out and put some shiny stainless steel below the burners to reflect some radiant heat upwards and close off the holes in the bottom of the grill.  I did 2 roasts today and I was able to get better response from the burners without those tiles in the way.  Much better profile control on the solid drum.  I just finished initial cupping and I am happy with where things are going now.


 That's interesting, Justin. I have a SS plate above the burners to shield my RK drum from the direct flame. I also find the holes in the bottom of the grill handy for sweeping out the burnt chaff ash. In the dead of winter  I sometimes think about closing them off to retain more heat. If I was roasting small batches-a lb. or 2, I'd need to open the lid a lot to keep from over heating the roast, even with open bottom holes and a heat shield. No heat shield, or tiles between flame and  (perforated) drum and even my 6 lb. roasts would get scorched to some degree. I'll consider placing some stainless plate below the burners next winter.

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